Sanjay launches mini-daggering documentary

October 10, 2017
Sanjay (left) and dancer Shelly Belly.


TV personality and recording artiste Sanjay has released a spicy new visual project that analyses both sides of the ever popular 'daggering in dancehall' conversation.

The mini documentary was conceptualised when Sanjay decided to record a unique music video for his daggering-inspired 'Bully' collaboration with dancer Shelly Belly.

"I didn't want to do a normal daggering video for the song because that has been done already. Knowing that this is a controversial topic I decided to do a mini docu-film instead that entertains while also addressing both sides of the argument, " Sanjay explained

The 'Bully Documentary' features professional authorities, sexologist Dr Karen Carpenter and noted cultural expert Dr Donna Hope, who provide reasonable yet opposing views on daggering and its place in Jamaican society.

The video isn't without its flair and avid performance shots, with female dancers Kiss Kiss, Lisa Global and Twin Starz, DanceHall Queen Danger and Shelly Belly himself providing literal examples of daggering.

"Daggering is a cultural thing, it's adult entertainment and has its place and space in dancehall. Once it's done in a controlled environment, there should be no issue" Sanjay added

Sanjay and Shelly Belly, who have now done multiple collaborations, are gearing up to release their new dancing song 'Sculla Skwella'.

The single is also paired with a new dance move which was premiered on Sunday at the finals of Digicel Rising Stars on TVJ.

The documentary for the 'Bully' single can be viewed on YouTube on Sanjay's channel- Sanjayisthename.

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