Star quality lacking - Anthony Miller says Virgo, Martin a cut above the rest

October 10, 2017
Anthony Miller
Former Rising Stars winner Romain Virgo performs at the season 14 finale on Sunday.
Chris Martin

The 14th season of Digicel's Risings Stars concluded with Short Boss taking home the win.

Many people have declared Romain Virgo and Chris Martin the most successful Rising Stars winners, which begs the question as to why no other winner's career has developed like theirs.

"Chris and Romain had the goods. They were young, they had extraordinary talent, and the gods smiled on them. The sad truth of the matter is that persistence doesn't always pay off. Star quality is star quality. It's a rare commodity. Chris and Romain had it have it," long-time Rising Stars judge Anthony Miller told THE STAR.

"When Romain Virgo and Chris Martin hit the stage, the place light up. That's because they're icons and they're winners," said fellow judge Conroy Wilson. "When Romain and Chris won, Rising Stars was still in its novel stage. Now you have several artistes, several opportunities, several competitions. So it's not novel anymore. It's going to become much more difficult for somebody to break through."

Wilson said that some persons who enter Rising Stars don't necessarily want to be stars in that way.

"They enter it for the $1.5 million (prize) and 13 weeks of hype on TV. So if they want to be an artiste in that kind of way, they have to go about finding management and a team, and that's not always easy," Wilson continued.




"Let's see if Short Boss can translate his Rising Stars success into a music career, but the history up to this point has not been very positive," said Miller.

To assist with elevating Rising Stars contestants' careers, Wilson suggests increasing involvement of local media houses.

"What will make it interesting is that Risings Stars needs to focus on this moment now, not the moment after the person has won. For the next three months, Rising Stars should pump energy and attention into the press, that, for instance, they're getting two, three songs, and music videos out there," he said. "When someone is successful and has this rotation and airplay that's what keeps them relevant and interesting. Get them rotation because all when a song is not at first a hit song, if you hear it often, a lot of times, it grows on you."

Wilson believes that this year's season was an impressive one but that there is still room for improvement.

"This year, we had a very good crop of contestants because they were younger and they had personalities, and Jamaica tends to gravitate towards that. The talent was definitely present. I think that for the future, in terms of going forward with the show, we need to look at more training for these talents. Because they're young and they're fresh, they need more mentorship and weekly training and guidance," Wilson said.

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