Bramma shares heartfelt message on 'Zinc Fence'

October 12, 2017

Bramma continues to have a presence on the radio airwaves with songs from his latest EP, 'One A Day'. One of the songs that he has been getting notable recognition from this project is 'Zinc Fence', which represents Friday on the track listing.

Produced by Emudio Records, Bramma reminisces on his days growing up in the Kingston communities of Maxfield Avenue and Duhaney Park.

In the recording, Zinc Fence is a refreshing song that has quickly become an anthem for many due to the heartfelt emotions that are evoked.

The accompanying video, directed by Icey Jace, takes us through Rum Lane in Kingston as Bramma sings over impactful shots of the community. With a pulsating beat that encourages multiple replays, the deejay drives the point home about being proud of "where you come from", and never forgetting one's roots.

Bramma says, "This song is especially close to me because it depicts who I am and where I am coming from. I am especially proud of my humble beginnings because that is what made me the person I am today."

The song and the video were premiered at his EP launch last month to exceptional reviews. And with the momentum the single has been gaining, Bramma plans on focusing his efforts on promotion in order to garner more attention, especially on the international level.




"It is really great to be getting this feedback from the entire project. Zinc Fence has become so many people's favourite, and it is really because many can identify with it," Bramma said.

Other songs on the EP include Nah Give Up, School Want The World, Do You Remember, Memories and Ganging.

The One A Day EP can be purchased through Zojak World Wide on iTunes and is also available on Spotify.

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