'Reggae Larger Than Life' now a reality

October 12, 2017

The newly published book Reggae Larger than Life: The Ultimate Reggae Music Fun and Games Book (1st edition) pays homage to the main contributors to reggae and dancehall music over the years.

Author Shaun Cain reveals that his goal is to get the fans to spend some enjoyable time focusing on the people that have committed themselves to keeping the music of Jamaica alive.

"We have all danced and sang along to our favourite reggae and dancehall tracks, but how many times have we thought about the writers, producers and the amount of work that goes into creating these gems? They have been working tirelessly to give a voice to the otherwise dispossessed and something profound with which to connect for hope and happiness," he said.

Regarding the title, Cain said his decision to position the book this way will provoke the right kind of attention.

"It is not a literal depiction. The title really emphasises the huge worldwide popularity and influence of this indigenous Jamaican sound. The description will give everyone that comes across it something to ponder," he said. "In Jamaica, we like to anchor ourselves in hope and peace every day by 'holding a medi or meds'. By quietening our inner voice, we can focus on the true depth and life changing powers of reggae and dancehall music."

A number of influential artistes have shared their views on the music, along with their own careers and personal lives in the book.

The book will be available in stores in strategic locations throughout Jamaica, North America and Europe. Other markets will be able to access it, initially online at Amazon, eBay and other virtual locations.

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