BRT Weekend, VP Records host DJ competition

October 13, 2017
DJs excite the crowd at BRT Weekend All White Beach Party held at the Atlantic City Beach and Boardwalk in July.
BRT promoter Hans Mullings (left) with fellow promoter Chris Foster.
VP Records executive Richard Lue.

With the fourth and final staging of the United States-based BRT Weekend 2017 set to get under way in November, event organisers have given DJs a chance to entertain crowds in Florida and also become an ambassador for their 2018 tour.

BRT organiser Hans Mullings says that BRT has partnered with independent record label VP records, known for its extensive distribution of reggae and dancehall music, to put on their BRT Weekend Strictly the Best DJ Contest.

Director of business development at VP Records Richard Lue said: "We have been looking for different ways that we can extend some of our brands ... like Reggae Gold and Strictly The Best."

He said that VP is trying to develop a live aspect of the Strictly The Best brand, and "we thought that partnering with BRT would be a good way to test out taking the brand on the road. [With] BRT being an established, good product and a good brand within itself, we thought it would be a natural fit."

Mullings said that personnel from VP Records and members of the BRT executive team would help judge the competition and promote the winner.

"What are we looking for when we are judging? There is the technical side and the creative side. Technical, of course, is how the mix flows, timing, rhythm, what kind of spin the DJ puts on it. Sometimes you try to be too creative, and it doesn't flow. So we are looking at [the use of] technology and the competence of the DJ," said Lue.

The contest ends on October 15 and will see the top five mixes uploaded to BRT Weekend's website, where fans will have a chance to vote for their favourite mix on their SoundCloud page and social media pages.

Entries will be judged on mix quality, inclusive of at least five songs from VP Records 2017 Strictly the Best Playlist; most hits on their BRT SoundCloud Promo mix, and liveliest video.

A positive online image will also be taken into consideration when selecting a winner.

BRT publicist Denise Dixon said: "We want to make sure that the DJ can be a good representative for VP Records as well as BRT, so we want to make sure that there are no scandals associated with the DJ, no obscene or discriminatory images on their webpage."

Interested DJs can submit their mix, SoundCloud link address, a 60-second video clip, and social media information to and also visit for more details on the competition.

The winner's mix will be posted on VP Records SoundCloud Channel and included on the 2018 BRT Weekend Tour (including dozens of launch parties), with travel and hotel expenses paid.

"A person outside of the US can enter, but we are not responsible for their visa, so I hope if they win, they can travel. We will get them to Florida if they have all the proper documentation to travel. In the event that they do not, they should not apply," said Dixon.

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