DJ Naz excites women with 'Talk The Truth'

October 13, 2017
DJ Naz

Talented selector and TV Host DJ Naz has released her latest single 'Talk the Truth' to rave reviews from music critics and the public. The song tackles the lack of honesty in interpersonal relationships between lovers.

"This is a situation that people go through. My friends experience this they meet guys, they lie and then when everything is good, a woman pops up out of nowhere, and is calling your phone, and in a big argument with you, so that is why I am asking guys to Talk Di Truth," she said.

Released on August 4 on her own Naz Nation Records label, Naz is pleased with the response to the song which she performed for the first time at a party called Skympy on the weekend.

"The audience liked the song, especially the girls. A the gal dem anthem," she said.

The song has racked up more than 2,000 views on YouTube since its release.

Naz comes from a strong line of musical icons, being the daughter of Don Taylor, the former manager of Bob Marley, and Joy White, who is popularly known for her hit song First Cut, which was produced by Donovan Germaine of Penthouse Records.

After high school she pursued her dreams of entering the music business, studying studio engineering, but she became fascinated by the idea of becoming a disc jockey. DJ Naz followed her heart, and in 2009, she was the lone female DJ in the exciting Heineken Green Synergy competition. Since 2009, her skills on the turntables have grown tremendously. She re-entered Green Synergy in the year 2010 where she placed third.

DJ Naz has emerged as a bonafide disc jockey landing gigs in Jamaica and more recently in Suriname. But now she is dabbling more in the creative side of the industry with her foray into recording.

"I always feel the need to do music, but I didn't want to do any ABC stuff or anything foolish. The need to do music was there a long time, but I am not a singer, my mother did 'First Cut is the Deepest' but singing is not my thing. Mi will deejay. Even if I do positive songs, I would deejay, not any choir or singing," she said.

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