May Pen to 'pop style' with Campari

October 13, 2017
Guest judge Kim Goodall was sexy in black at the Kingston Campari Pop Style party.

Campari Pop Style, a party series where Campari rewards the most fashionable attendees in the search for Jamaica's most stylish male and female, makes its second stop at Something Fishy in May Pen, Clarendon on Saturday.

After a successful launch in Kingston, this edition will be led musically by the 'Party Animal' Kurt Riley, and will feature the 'Fluffy Diva', Miss Kitty as the host, with resident judges, designer and stylist Balla Shawn and stylish publicist and author, Alykhat. Guest judge is celebrated menswear designer Carlton Brown

A passionate Brown expects "style and finesse" from the attendees and participants for the May Pen leg.

"Fashion is a serious thing, and not a joke business. I am asking for those who choose to enter the competition not to drop the ball. This is not a 'poppy show', and if anyone enters as a clown, they will be getting a red nose from me," he said.

Balla Shawn urged persons to "come out clean, chic, and well dressed in creative pieces".

"I am excited and anticipating an even bigger and better staging than our first stop in Kingston. Also, please remember that if you are chosen from the crowd for the final elimination, you are not allowed to add more pieces to your outfit. Come on stage as selected," he said.

Alykhat is asking more men to come out and participate.

"I know Jamaican men have style, I see them every day, so I need the May Pen men to show me and 'pop their style' this Saturday," she said.

Pre-judging starts at 9 p.m. and close at 11:30 p.m.

"And a reminder to all participants, it is the crowd that chooses the winner, so bring your people to cheer you on, and make an impression on the ones who don't know you," Alykhat added.

The judges will decide the top three females and top three males for a chance to win. The judges critique the top six contestants to assist the crowd to make the final decision.

The crowd will then decide the most stylish male and female who will win cash prizes of $75,000 each.

At the finals in Kingston on Saturday, November 11, the six winners from the three regional events in the series (Kingston, May Pen and Montego Bay), will go up against the two most stylish found at the finale event at the Waterfront, downtown Kingston, in addition to the two most stylish Campari social media followers.

The overall top male and female win $250,000 each.

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