Sagic O gains traction with new song

October 18, 2017
Sagic O

Dancehall artiste Sagic O is making waves with his latest single, 'Do This', on the G City Music label. Released a few months ago, the song has been gaining traction in the dancehall in recent weeks.

"The response to the Do This song has been good so far, so I plan to shoot a video for it because it a get some great forwards inna the dances in St Catherine," he said.

He recently shot a music video for another follow-up single called Birthday Love, which he will release next month.

Born Romario Oshane Bailey on May 9, 1995, he grew up in a small community called Hill Top in Red Hills, St Andrew, where he attended the Red Hills Primary School. He developed a love for music because of the influence of his father, who was a big fan of the Earth Ruler Sound System. He eventually attended the Spanish Town High School, where he learnt how to freestyle his own lyrics while beating desks in the classrooms when the teachers were not around.

After leaving school, Sagic O recorded his first single at the Exodus Studio on Red Hills Road. Then he began an apprenticeship as a mechanic at a local mechanic shop and did construction work to generate money to invest in his music.

In 2016, he recorded a few songs produced by More Steppa Production and composed by Advance. Those songs were Wild N Ready, Keep Calling, Birthday Love, and Bounce.

He credits Tommy Lee Sparta as one of his major musical influences, even making an appearance in Tommy Lee's 40 Ball music video. He recently signed a recording deal with his manager, Lenworth 'Bokaroo' McLean, the head of the G City Music label.

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