Masicka gives dancehall 'Energy'

October 19, 2017

Genahsyde Records artiste Masicka is basking in the success of his latest single, 'Energy', which has racked up more than 241,000 views since its release last Wednesday.

"You know, you have to watch the energy. The idea for the song came from that slang. A we seh natural energy, small circle, link large, so yuh have to watch the people yuh let into your circle, and keep your energy on a positive realms. No beggy-beggy energy, just positivity," Masicka said.

The song was released on October 11 on the Genahsyde Records label.

"The song just drop and a tear down the place inna one day, so mi a put in the work, the positive energy," he said.

Masicka, who scored a huge number one earlier this year with My Dog Dem Haffi Live featuring Vybz Kartel, will be shooting two videos this week one for Roll Clean, a song that has not yet been released, and another for the popular Ten Outta Ten.

"He will be shooting a video for Energy the following week," Corey Todd, the artiste's manager, said.

In the meantime, Masicka is booked for a show in Ocho Rios on Christmas Eve, two shows on Christmas Day including GT Taylor Xtravaganza and he will be making an appearance at the popular BRT Weekend as well.

"The Energy is way up right now. Genasyde a govern the place," Todd said.

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