Mr Vegas releases video for 'Up Top'

October 19, 2017
Mr Vegas

While the Jazmine Rice rhythm continues to do well on the international reggae scene, Mr Vegas has released the visuals behind his single, 'Up Top'.

The video made its way to Mr Vegas's official Vevo page on October 11 and has grabbed the attention of many viewers online.

Opinions have been mixed about the fact Mr Vegas used dancers who are not Jamaican.

"It is important to see the positive messages that can derive from a situation before you notice the negative. I chose to use dancers from the French Islands and from France because dancehall is global and these are people who have learnt our culture and embrace it as their own," he said. "They work hard to meet our standards in the arts, and I feel as if we can show them that we recognise their efforts as well and show them love."

The video, which was shot and directed in France by PK Production has since been shared across multiple major media platforms worldwide.

While focusing on promoting his video, Mr Vegas has added that he will be releasing an album in April 2018 titled Chains, of which Up Top will be a part.

"At this moment I am focused on bringing forth more positive music and more culturally rich videos. My new album will be aimed at lifting the spirits of those who listen while bringing to the forefront where we are coming from and where we are at as a people. It highlights issues surrounding false doctrines, slavery, religion, as well as social and political injustice. It will be fully unplugged," he said.

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