Senna Sass gets attention for 'Bubble Bubble'

October 19, 2017
Senna Sass
Senna Sass

Up-and-coming recording artiste Patrice Sennica Ancel, who goes by the moniker 'Senna Sass', has been getting a lot of love for her first single 'Bubble Bubble' that was produced by SJ Firewayne and John Bling.

Senna, who is currently being mentored and managed by John Bling, is originally from James Hill in Clarendon.

Like many artiste, she said music is something she got interested in at a young age.

"I chose music because from a very tender age, I used to sit and watch my dad and uncle write and sing. I was fascinated by it and developed a passion for music. As I got older, I started realising it's a beautiful way to express yourself. Music is therapeutic. It uplifts your spirit and puts you in a happy place," she said.

The female artiste said she offers music that is different, and she shows diversity because she can rap, deejay and sing.

This diversity, she said, can be heard in her music, particularly in Bubble Bubble.

"The ladies love it because it gives them that bubbling feeling. My music sometimes will be raunchy, and other times it will be heartfelt songs and conscious music being that I do all types of music."

Very enthusiastic about her music career, Sennica has high hopes that she will find success in the industry.

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