Yola Moi scores big with Sizzla

October 19, 2017
Yola Moi

Beautiful songbird Yola Moi has scored another major collaboration as she seeks to fulfil her potential. This time around, she has collaborated with Sizzla for 'Hands Of Danger'. This follows her previous collaborative effort with dancehall star Busy Signal called 'Nuh Wine Discreet'.

But according to Yola Moi, she is much more than just another "pretty hook girl", as she has a message and a melting pot of styles and sounds.

"I don't want to be put in a box. I am a complete entertainer with a message, and time will show that there is much more to Yola Moi than what meets the eye. I have been on the scene for a few short but productive years, as during this time I have learnt the inner workings of the music business as well as fully grasped where I am at musically. So now I am ready to make my mark locally and internationally," Yola Moi said.

Yola Moi, who was previously signed to Jeremy Harding, is currently busy in the studio creating new music, and has her eyes set on making major moves internationally.

"The goal is to be a legend, and as such, I prefer to spend time to perfect the product rather than rush and put out substandard work. I am a bit of a perfectionist," she said.

Yola Moi is set to release music videos for Hands Of Danger and Not The Only One. Both videos were directed by top-flight video director Jay Will, while her promotion and marketing is being handled by public relations specialist Karl Durrant.

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