Pamputtae has no time for naysayers

October 20, 2017
Dancehall artiste Pamputtae

Dancehall artiste Pamputtae says she is not prepared to waste any time focusing on mumblings from naysayers who think she is trying to copy Spice with her new body image.

The entertainer, who has lost some weight in recent years, said her new look has nothing to do with her longtime friend and music colleague, as she has always considered herself a ‘sexy dancehall diva’ even when she was more on the fluffy side. 


Pamputtae said the decision to lose weight and live healthier was because of her diabetes. She stressed that the figure she now sports is a result of exercise and healthy eating and is disheartened when people automatically assume individuals have gone under the knife whenever they achieve more ‘shapely figures’. 

“I don’t have a problem wid people weh do surgery because if yuh nuh born wid it and yuh can buy it den a your decision dat but me nuh do nuh surgery,” she said. “People message me every day a cuss say me abandon the fluffy girls but me wouldn’t say me abandon dem. Me still thick, me just exercise and eat right because I’m a diabetic and it work out fi me.”

Pamputtae said she is not about to fall prey to what she described as ‘persons seeking to stir up problems’ between her and other female entertainers.


“Right now me and everybody good and Pamputtae just a do her thing. Nobody can't come tell me say Angel say or Spice say, me ago run dem. A di he say-she say start nuff beef inna dancehall and me nuh have di time fi dat. Inna dis business yuh affi firm certain way,” she said.

The deejay, who has been making a comeback in mainstream dancehall after a period of relative silence said during her absence from the front line, she took the time out to find herself musically and is now ready to claim her spot among the top female entertainers in the industry.

“I fell in love, got pregnant and the whole relationship had me laid back. Me did affi take time out fi mi family and a dat me do,” she said. “During that time me just did a kick back and a look into myself and me find me riddim. Right now me free, me kids dem set a way and me a focus pan myself and my career now.”

Sticky Wine, Bad Wuk and Nuh Tek It Out are among her current songs and the deejay said she is not done yet.

“Me have Bang Bang by Claims Records, Do Di Thing from Starstruck Records, Come Out by StrateG Records and a whole heap more weh we ago dig the road wid because a work we a work,” she said.

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