Rre, Stonebwoy team up for 'Nana Remix'

October 20, 2017
Stonebwoy (left) poses with dancehall artiste Rre.
Dancehall artiste Rre

Dancehall artiste Rre (pronounced Ree) is on the verge of a major breakthrough as she has landed a high-octane collaboration with popular Ghanaian artiste Stonebwoy called 'Nana Remix'.

"Right now, we're getting a lot of buzz in Ghana and the wider African community, and most of the spins are coming from the African and European market. We plan to shoot a video for the single in December once his schedule allows him to come to Jamaica," he said.

Rre said she met Stonebwoy through a mutual friend when Stonebwoy came to visit Jamaica earlier this year.

"He had been interested in doing a remix of another song, Bad It Up, but while I was in New York doing some radio promotional work on Nana, he saw the spike in the interest of that song, so he reached out to do the Nana Remix instead. He said that 'nana' means king in Africa," she said.

Stonebwoy is a household name on the Africa continent, where he is considered a "multifaceted rapper" due to the various musical styles he possesses. He often performs his songs in Jamaican patois, and his debut album, Grade 1, released in 2015, received many awards and nominations.

"I believe that this song is going to blow up. My management team is excited about the possibilities," Rre said.

In October, Nana Remix was released on the South Trade Records label in Italy and is now available on iTunes and other downloadable platforms.

Earlier this year, Rre released her Rre-Ality Check mixtape to rave reviews from music insiders and is seeking to release an album soon.

"I will be releasing my EP in January 2018, featuring work with several local producers," she said.

Her other releases include Dat Yuh Wah, featuring Sizzla Kolanji, and Crazy In Love with Mavado.

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