Rumours dem a spread - Jafrass denies being beaten at Uptown Mondays

October 20, 2017

Notnice Records artiste Jafrass is today denying allegations that he received a ‘beat down’ from members of the Gully camp at the most recent staging of the weekly entertainment party, Uptown Mondays.

The rumours began circulating earlier this week, following news of an altercation between members of the Gully team and members of the Unruly camp.

THE WEEKEND STAR understands that individuals aligned to both camps were partying at the popular hotspot when a heated exchange took place between Jafrass and members of Mavado’s Gully entourage.

It is alleged that things got physical and the deejay was beaten. However, when THE WEEKEND STAR spoke with the entertainer, he confirmed that there was an exchange of words and that things escalated a bit but said the altercation didn’t get physical at any point.

“Di people dem weh a run the Gully thing know dem can't try dat (getting physical) because dem know dat isn’t something dem want to do,” he said, hinting that someone paid vloggers to put such stories online.

The entertainer explained that the exchange of words began shortly after his song War Mi Nuh was played in the dance.

He said the track was receiving huge forwards from the crowd and the members of the Gully camp who were present could not stand the love he was receiving.

“Mi have a song weh name 'War Mi Nuh' weh a cause problem and if the song is their problem is best dem go in the studio and reply and stop pay vloggers fi talk nonsense,” he said.

The rumours circulating about the incident also alleged that shots were fired at the event, a claim the deejay also denied.

“No man, nothing like dat man. A just di man dem from the Gully squad did a yap up dem mouth and we run dem weh and dem start run up and dung like dem did ago do supmn but it never get physical,” he said. “Me nuh have no time fi di run up and dung and dem know dat. Jafrass is always di yute weh a ‘shoot’ after dem musically and will never stop shoot after dem so dem just affi keep it lyrical because if it get physical me affi go defend myself, a just so di thing go.”

THE WEEKEND STAR was unable to access any member of the Gully squad to hear their side of the story however, checks made with the Half-Way Tree police corroborated Jafrass' account.

The police said they received no reports of any altercation between both camps. They also said no reports were made about shots being fired at the event.

Individuals, including entertainers aligned to the Gully and Unruly camps, have been at odds in recent times with artistes from either side exchanging lyrics allegedly aimed at each other.


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