Weh Dem Up To: Latty J eyeing international market

October 20, 2017
Latty J
Latty J
Latty J

Recording artiste Latty J sang her way into the hearts of many Jamaicans as a contestant on Digicel Rising Stars back in 2011.

She walked away with the runner-up spot in the local talent competition, but with charisma and some powerful vocals, the singer was expected to go mainstream.

She achieved that goal when she was signed by dancehall star Mr Vegas and released a series of songs, including Who Rule, with the reggae singer, that went on to become a household anthem.

Latty J enjoyed a fair amount of the local spotlight before the momentum surrounding her faded somewhat.

Although she has remained relatively quiet on the local music scene, when THE WEEKEND STAR caught up with her, she assured her fans that she's still making music moves.

"I haven't been doing a lot of stuff in Jamaica because I am focused on getting my career to an international level," she said. "I will be embarking on a six-month Norwegian cruise which gets under way early next month. I will be one of the main performers on that cruise, so I'm still doing music. Those are the kinds of moves I'm making because, as an artiste, you haffi branch out and look beyond Jamaica."

Latty J said she is no longer working with Mr Vegas, but stressed that the split was a professional career move and not the result of any bad blood.

"It happened last December when he decided he wanted to change his outlook on music and go gospel. We had to part ways at that point because we would be going in two different directions," she said. "During that time, I had started to work with a US producer called Dennis Blaze, and so most of my music out now are on his label."

It seems Latty J's quest for some international exposure might become a reality sooner than later, and she said that just over three weeks ago, she met with the manager of international R&B star Alicia Keys.




"I don't want to say much, as things are still pretty fresh, but that meeting could be the beginning of some great things for me," she said.

Having gained exposure as a contestant on Digicel Rising Stars, the entertainer says what happens after the competition is dependent on the artiste and how badly they want a career in music.

In congratulating the producers of the show on their 14 years, Latty J said she is tired of hearing that the competition does nothing for the contestants after the cameras stop rolling.

"Rising Stars was a good little stepping stone, so you can't bash it. We really cannot pay for publicity when we just start, so Rising Stars is the perfect platform," she said. "Is after that yuh a go branch out, and that's on you. A lot of people don't recognise that it's on them to find people who will work wid dem."

She noted that people always talk about Chris Martin and Romain Virgo, and compare them to other winners.

"But people nuh understand that people were just interested to work with Chris and Romain because they were not only talented, but serious about the business and determined. Once people see how determined you are from the competition, they will work with you," he said.

Roun Di World and Gangster Flex are two of the songs she is currently promoting. The tracks can be found on her YouTube channel, and they are also available on iTunes.

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