D-Will, Iyara fire warning shots

October 21, 2017
D Will

Still reeling from the success of his previous release, 'Don't Give In', there's been so much anticipation and pressure on dancehall artiste D-Will to continue delivering the goods.

On his latest single, Dweet, which features Alliance Next Generation member Iyara, D-Will comes right out of the starting gate with guns blazing.

The Canada-based D-Will exudes confidence and a willingness to take on any challenge from his detractors.

Iyara's rhyming and fierce delivery on the track is an additional ingredient which makes Dweet a must listen.

He gives props to D-Will, letting him know that he is ready and willing to stand side-by-side with an artiste whom he believes deserves the limelight next to him.

Born Deidrian Williams, D-Will is originally from Spanish Town. Music played an integral part of his upbringing. After relocating to Canada, he quickly earned a reputation for his creditable songwriting efforts and lyrics.

One of his accomplishments was performing at the Ajax Caribbean Day Celebrations in Durham, Toronto, in 2012. He later led the city's D-Will Stopping Gun Violence campaign. His song, Stop the Killing, was the theme song for the 2014 initiative Pave the Way for Youth in Toronto.

Iyara, on the other hand, is more known in dancehall for songs like Ghetto People A Suffa, A True Friend, Aiming To The Top, Month A Di Year, Easy Fi Get and Never Kill a Friend.

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