Roadblock for Romeich

October 23, 2017
Dimples drew some attention in this dress.
Dancer Chinny Unique flashes a smile.
Dancer Rene Six-Thirty.
Camar is on fleek in every aspect.
A section of the crowd at Romeich's birthday party.
The Guinness hostesses representing a brand Romeich thanked for its sponsorship of his birthday party.
Yolan (left) and Candy sandwich birthday boy, Romeich
The Chrome Entertainment girls were truly dashing at Romeich's birthday party.

Businessman Romeich Major's birthday celebration of Saturday locked down a section of Campbell's Boulevard, off Waltham Park Road, Kingston 11. With a setting like anywhere uptown, the party was a sheer success, the crowd at near capacity as early as 1 a.m.

Crews, dancers, divas and high rollers were all there giving support to a man who has given fashion, style and entertainment a different look.

Romeich said that the turnout was "excellent". He thanked God and all the patrons who came out to support him. He said: "special thanks to the sponsors, Guinness, Sperone, Ting, Pepsi, and big up KSAC, NWA and the police, so i could 'block the road', and Romeich Entertainment."

He also gave advice for running a successful business."It's all about hard work and deal with people good. You have to have a good personality, you have to understand the people and the companies and brands you work with. You have to have a marketing strategy, so you move forward. And i don't think any company in Jamaica works hard as my brand and me, so that's the key - work hard."

Shenseea, who Romeich manages, will have him busy from now until Christmas 2017 on overseas assignments.

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