Anthony Red Rose gets 'Busy Tonight'

October 24, 2017
Anthony Red Rose

Anthony Red Rose has once again surpassed musical limitations. This time with his latest offering, 'Busy Tonight'.

The song was released on October 13 via distributing giant Hapilos.

The track is fun, sexy and catchy, and boasts instantly infectious lyrics that will no doubt become a mainstay in the dancehall reggae market, and also hit the mark for the reggaton and African crowd.

The track is produced by Razz Attack Muzik, and plans are already on the way to pair the song with an equally steamy video.

Anthony Red Rose has continued to push the musical boundaries over the years by fusing different genres, ultimately making a name for himself in the business.

"One thing about my music is that I always try to be different; so I am always looking for opportunities or ways to connect with my audience, and at the same time appeal to new audiences. There is always a demand for music like this, and I will keep supplying it," he said.

Having built a fervent fan base on all corners of the globe, Anthony Red Rose is readying himself for two other major releases in the form of an official mixtape and an EP that will be available by the end of the year. He is also promoting two other singles that were released earlier in the year, namely Na Na Na (Lovers Play) and International Reality, alongside reggae powerhouse Anthony B and well-known rapper Scantana.

"There are only a few months left in the year, but I still have a whole lot of work to be done. After I drop the new single, Busy Tonight, I am looking to release my EP and mixtape, so the work never stops. In addition, I am working on the promotional campaign for all three songs because I believe they have international potential," he said.

Anthony Red Rose is also elated to announce that he will be working alongside Bay-C from the group T.O.K. for an upcoming project by the dynamic duo, Sly and Robbie.

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