Ovadose bats for content diversity

October 24, 2017

Recording artiste Ovadose is batting for recording artistes to dig deeper and produce content which is more meaningful and longer lasting.

According to the controversial artiste, who recently released a song titled Plastic Rice, which tackles the rumours that fake rice was in circulation in the island, "When I do a song like Plastic Rice, it is speaking on an issue which was of great concern to the people of Jamaica, so it is very relatable and important. You have some artistes, every day dem get up a sing about badmind this and bad-mind that," he said. "How come so much people a bad-mind you that you feel the need to sing a bad-mind song every time? Bad-mind is not even a word that is universal, so many people don't even know what you are talking about. So make some real content, man," he said.

Ovadose blames the lack of content diversity on illiteracy, claiming that many recording artistes have a limited vocabulary due to lack of reading.

"Some of the man dem never too bright. That is why artistes like Kartel so successful, because he reads and brings that knowledge to the music industry. We have to start taking Jamaican music seriously; it's not just something that you wake up, wash your face, and do. We have records to break and new levels to reach," he said.

Ovadose was recently involved in a brief social media rift with Mr Vegas. However, he said he is more concerned about building a strong and meaningful catalogue.

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