Shizzle Sherlock promises Christmas anthem

October 24, 2017
Shizzle Sherlock

Swoosh. That's the new song that Shizzle Sherlock is telling persons to get used to because he believes it will be the anthem for the dons and divas of flossing in dancehall.

"Swoosh, it's for the money pull ups, and flossing kings and queens. Is we seh money. Weh bruk pocket a go?," Shizzle Sherlock told THE STAR.

"The song is getting quite a buzz on the streets right now. People are saying it's the song, is the next Christmas anthem. It's a statement for everybody in the dancehall."

In the song, Shizzle boasts about his spending habits and the way he spends money everywhere he goes.

According to the artiste, Swoosh is being played on local and foreign radio stations, parties, Internet radio and all over social media.

Shizzle Sherlock teamed up with Iceberg for the song that was produced by ZJ Ice.

A video for the song is set to be shot next month.

Shizzle first came on the dancehall scene a number of years ago as a fashionista with his unconventional outfits.

He recently made the transition to being a dancehall artiste when he counteracted Xklusive's Big Money Popping (Scammer Dem Deh Yah) with Think A Chattingz, another song he did with Iceberg.

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