Sanchez looks to raise the roof at STATHS - Old boy partners with school to expand auditorium

October 25, 2017
Warrior King
Jai Kingston

Sanchez has partnered with his alma mater, St Andrew Technical High School (STATHS), to stage a fundraising concert on November 11 in aid of reroofing and expanding the school's auditorium.

The concert, which will take place at Jamaica College Auditorium in Kingston, will see Sanchez performing for free.

Rayon Simpson, the school's principal, described the melodious singer as STATHS's most famous son and promised that the concert will be a stellar one.

"This is going to be the show of the year," Simpson said, while adding that Sanchez has been "consistently credible in his 30 years" as an artiste. This credibility, he said, has hit a note with past students near and far, many of whom have begun making plans to attend the "very special and intimate affair".

The charity show, which is dubbed 'Sanchez and Friends Keeping it Real', is being organised by STATHS and its various alumni associations. Other past students who are donating towards this cause through significantly reduced performance fees are Jai Kingston, Warrior King, Hawkeye, and possibly Lutan Fyah, who is currently on an overseas assignment.

Admiral Bailey and Ikaya are also booked for the show. The artistes will be backed by Sanchez's Band and SANE international.

Stating that the show will be expertly produced, Simpson said that everyone, not just STATHS past students, should seek to attend and to contribute to a worthy cause. And the cause of which he speaks is that of reroofing and expanding the school's auditorium.

"We have an auditorium that was built 56 years ago. The roof is severely compromised. It is leaking ... and it is in a state of disrepair," the principal said.

Additionally, Simpson said that the auditorium is not big enough to accommodate the school's expanded population. He said that it will cost about $15 million to undertake the expansion and repairs, and the school hopes to raise $6 million from November's show.

Sanchez, who recorded his first hit, Lady in Red, while still a student at STATHS in 1987, will be donating close to $2 million in performance fees and other charitable activities towards this initiative. The singer is also set to be on the receiving end of goodness from the school. Simpson said that STATHS will make a very special and unprecedented presentation to him in recognition of his outstanding musical star-quality career.

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