Chelsea Stewart drops 'Perfectly Lonely'

October 27, 2017
Chelsea Stewart

Chelsea Stewart is wasting no time setting the wheels in motion for her new single, 'Perfectly Lonely'.

An emotional slow jam, the track is an expressive and engaging song about the love she longs for but decides to wait and, instead, focus on building herself.

The Canadian starlet has been receiving praise of plenty from all corners for her brand of soulful reggae - a sound she showcases in this masterpiece.

Being of Jamaican descent, Stewart has the influence of reggae music and she incorporates jazz and soul to the mix, making her music quite unique.




She said: "Perfectly Lonely was the first song I ever wrote and recorded. It's very personal, almost like a diary entry, and I hope it inspires young girls and everyone else to love themselves first. I'd like to be a voice for young women and share my values and positive messages so that they can relate and emulate. I wish I had a song like this when I was growing up, so instead I wrote one!"

Released on October 5, the track is available for purchase on her website at, as well as iTunes, Amazon Music and Tidal.

It is also available for streaming on Apple Music, Spotify and SoundCloud.

"I'm getting so many emails from my mailing list, direct messages on social media from my lady friends saying that Perfectly Lonely is their new theme song. It's been so amazing hearing the feedback and I'm truly grateful," he said.

The dynamic duo Sly and Robbie, alongside notable guitarist and keyboard player Wrong Move were all instrumental in the making of this project, while Rorey Baker lent his engineering and mixing skills, and Ron 'Ruff' Boyce handled the mastering.

An accompanying music video for Perfectly Lonely is already being planned and is scheduled for an early 2018 release.

Stewart will be doing her third annual solo show in Toronto at the Eclectic Lounge on December 2.

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