New visitor attraction for St Ann

October 27, 2017
The chicken coop soapbox was one of the favourites at the Red Bull Soapbox race held at Port Rhoades in 2007. The Port Rhoades Sports Club will open a new attraction in November.

Handcart races modelled off Jamaica's National Push Cart Derby is one of the highlights of a new visitor attraction to be on show to the travel industry this Friday at the Port Rhoades Sports Club (former Kaiser Sports Club) in Discovery Bay.

The package includes demonstration races and a two-hour show featuring local community culture, traditional music and dance, art and craft displays, and shopping for local souvenirs produced by the community.

The package, named ShowKart, is hosted by a Discovery Bay tour company, Historic Jamaica Tours, and is manned by community stakeholders from the Kaiser Bauxite Retirees Club, villa operators, the Noranda Community Council, the St Ann 4-H, and the Discovery Bay School Past Students' Association.

According to one of the principals, Lindergen Forbes, "Entertainers drawn from medal-winning Festival performances and local dance acts make this an attraction dedicated to sustainable community tourism."

The two-hour show is billed as "a cultural slice of Jamaican life in the village where the National Push Cart Derby and the Jamaica Bobsled dream and its offshoot the film Cool Runnings, were born."

Forbes expects that the attraction, housed at the sports club, will be opened officially in November.

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