Oral sex goes on show - House of Dancehall explores taboo acts at expo

October 27, 2017
Dancehall Queen Carlene
Michael Dawson

House of Dancehall will be hosting a Health and Sex Expo tomorrow at 6 Cargill Avenue, where, in addition to booths educating persons on sexually transmitted infections, there will be a booth offering oral sex sessions.

According to Michael Dawson, CEO of the Whirlwind Group owners of House of Dancehall, the expo signifies sexual liberation. He explained that because of its taboo nature, the topic of oral sex is usually overlooked in discussions about sex.

"Certain things are taboo, and, as such, they are not discussed maturely and responsibly," he said.

"Whether society likes it or not, people are having casual sex and oral sex. We are not here to support it but to make sure it is done safely and let people know that there are risks involved."

Dancehall Queen Carlene, who will be hosting the sex expo, told THE WEEKEND STAR that sex toys would be used to carry out demonstrations at the 'oral sex booth, pointing out that the inclusion of such a booth was important to the overall sex discussion House of Dancehall aimed to have.

"We will be learning more about sex, about different ways people experiment with sex. And I guess if you think about it, we really couldn't leave it out," she said.

"It's not House of Dancehall who will be having these oral sex lessons, but the booth that will be there. I can't control what a booth will be demonstrating, so I guess if you come and it is your desire to learn more about how to perform oral sex, both male and female, you can visit that booth."

Pointing out that the sex expo is only open to adults, Carlene said anyone who may feel uncomfortable at the thought of oral sex being discussed at the event is free to leave.

"There will be many booths there, so if that's not your thing, you can visit another booth or just leave," she said.

In agreeing with Carlene, Dawson said he believes it is House of Dancehall's duty to endorse safe sex and to educate consenting adults on all aspects of sex.




"We feel that if our society was not so reluctant to speak about sex, then our kids wouldn't see the need to experiment. We want to teach parents how to have those discussions maturely. We will also have doctors and other professionals on location. The role of House of Dancehall is to push safety and endorse sex, once it is consensual among adults," he said.

"For an adult who wishes to pleasure or be pleasured by their partner, this is the place to be. We will be discussing it all," said Carlene. "A sexpo means no limitation, no stopping. People need to be aware of a lot of things, and sometimes people may not want to discuss things in a forum that's rigid. So in a setting that's relaxed, you might stop and look and engage in different conversations."

The event is free and open to the public, but one has to be 18 and over to gain access. House of Dancehall is promoting the event through its recently launched Slowhine liquor brand as well as Slam condoms.

In addition to tomorrow's event, House of Dancehall will be hosting a Halloween edition of their regular Tuesday discussions. The costume party, called Gyaloween, will award 10 of the sexiest women in attendance $10, 000 in cash and prises.

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