Repairs being carried out on Bob Marley's Walk of Fame star

October 27, 2017
Bob Marley

Repairs have already begun as the Hollywood Historic Trust seeks to restore Bob Marley's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Spokeswoman for the Walk of Fame Ana Martinez tweeted out a photo of work being done on the late reggae legend's star following reports that it has been vandalised earlier this week.

Restoring the star will reportedly cost the Hollywood Historic Trust approximately US$3,000.

In an interview with the international media following news of the incident, Martinez dubbed the act as disrespectful, and she was puzzled as to why someone would want to desecrate the historic landmark.

She revealed that the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) will be carrying out an investigation into the matter with hopes of bringing those guilty of the act to justice.

When THE WEEKEND STAR contacted the LAPD to get an update on the investigations, officers there said that they could only confirm that an investigation was being carried out but said that no further details could be revealed.

THE WEEKEND STAR also contacted the Bob Marley Museum to get a comment from the Bob Marley Foundation but was told that the family did not wish to give a comment at this time.

Bob Marley was posthumously awarded the star in 2001.

More than 2,600 stars are embedded in the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which is a popular tourist attraction in Hollywood.

The stars are permanent public monuments honouring the achievements of individuals from the entertainment industry.

A number of actors, musicians, directors, and producers, living and dead, have a star on the Walk of Fame.

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