Seaview Gardens Primary students impress int'l musician

October 27, 2017
World-renowned percussionist, Jody Linscott (left) beats the drum with Nickaelia Bennett (centre) and Jadan Wilks during the recent J Wray and Nephew Foundation -sponsored musical workshop with Seaview Gardens Primary School's drum group at Serengeti, Hope Zoo. The JWNF also donated musical instruments to the institution's drum corps.
(From left) Claudia Beyer, wife of J Wray and Nephew's (JWN) managing director, Jean-Phillippe Beyer; Clement 'Jimmy' Lawrence, chairman, JWN and JWN Foundation (JWNF); Everton Pessoa, music teacher, Seaview Gardens Primary School; and musician Jody Linscott, display musical instruments donated to the institution by the JWNF.

World-class percussionist Jody Linscott heaped praise on Seaview Gardens Primary School's drumming group following a musical workshop hosted by the J. Wray and Nephew Foundation (JWNF) at Hope Gardens' amphitheatre last week

Linscott is on vacation in Jamaica and was invited to spend time with the students by JWN's managing director, Jean Phillippe Beyer and his wife, Claudia, who accompanied her.

In a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, the America-born percussionist, who has lived most of her life in Britain and played alongside some very famous acts, including Sir Elton John, Paul McCartney and Eric Clapton, shared her experiences with the budding musicians.

She was happily surprised when the children began to churn out a set they had learnt from their teacher, Everton Pessoa, with spirit and vibe, plus dancing.

"I had never heard this piece before, so I was glad to learn some of the rhythms they were doing and sit in with them. The talent and the enthusiasm is great ... they are really into it and they are wanting to learn, which is such a good thing," said Linscott.

"I really didn't know what to expect or what they were learning or even what instruments they were playing on, so it seemed best to see what they could do. They put in a whole performance which was brilliant!" said Linscott. "They are learning, as an orchestra, all the different parts. They keep good time with each other, which means they are listening. They also listen to the teacher and they are very good."

The event took place under the JWN Foundation's 'Expressions through Art' theme, which falls within the culture section of the foundation.

Tools key to fostering such ambitions were donated through the foundation. They include drums, shakers, agogo bells, rhythm sticks, tambourines, tenor and soprano recorders.

Everton Pessoa, Seaview Gardens Primary's music teacher for 15 years, applauded the JWN Foundation and noted the implications of the cultural exchange.

"Thanks to J. Wray and Nephew for coming on board and doing things and supporting the Seaview Gardens Primary. We really do appreciate their contribution as it relates to our music programme," he said. "They've given us some nice instruments, some nice percussions, and I'm really grateful because the children are apt to learn, and I'm apt to teach. I'm really thankful because these instruments are quite expensive."

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