Tivoli documentary wins US film prize

October 27, 2017
Sasha-Gay Lewis

'The Incursion', a film by Jamaican director and producer Sasha-Gay Lewis, has won best documentary short at the Los Angeles Film and Script Festival.

The Incursion, which also won an honourable mention award at the Los Angeles Documentary Film Festival on the weekend was directed, produced, written and edited by Lewis.

"For the past year or so I have given my all to getting this film done and done well. There were many challenges but I kept at it, confident that this is a story worth telling. These awards are confirmation of that truth," she said.

The Incursion is a character-driven documentary that highlights the 2010 government raid on the inner-city community of Tivoli Gardens in Jamaica.

The film provides an affecting account of what happened on May 23, 2010, and the lingering effects on the lives of survivors.

The film, which is still doing its festival tour, has also been awarded an Impact Doc award and is an official selection of the Pembroke Taparelli Arts and Film Festival.


Worth highlighting


Lewis, who started as a television producer and writer, said as a documentary film-maker her most important job is to find causes worth highlighting in an effort to bring about change.

"In 2010, as I watched the incursion unfold, I felt then and now that a great injustice took place. I knew then that this was the story I was to tell," she said. "As a film-maker, I could not look the other way because what happened to the people of Tivoli is too powerful and important a story to be forgotten."

Born in Jamaica, Lewis has been writing and producing content for television and radio for over 10 years. She has written, produced and directed several short documentaries in Jamaica, Belize, and the US.

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