Campari Pop Style heads to MoBay

October 28, 2017
Resident judge for Campari Pop Style, Balla Shawn.

The Campari Pop Style, a party series where Campari tries to find Jamaica's stylish male and female, makes its final stop before the finals at Pier 1 in Montego Bay tonight.

The first two were held in Kingston and May Pen. Resident judges, designer and stylist Balla Shawn and stylish/publicist/author Alykhat will be joined by guest judge Kim Goodall.

Alykhat is asking contestants to come out and Pop Style early to be selected, as pre-judging starts at 9 p.m.

"The judges are in the crowd watching contestants for not only what you have on, but how you wear it. We are expecting you to 'pop style' from the moment you enter, not just on stage," she said. "Remember, it is the crowd that chooses the winner, and people are watching you, so you have to make an impression early."

Goodall wants contestants to not only be creative, but comfortable.

"In Kingston and May Pen people got very creative, even using lights, and that's great, we need to see creativity," she said. "But what I would like to see are both men and women not just being creative but looking comfortable in their chosen style, and for it to be wearable in real life, not just on a stage."

The judges will decide the top three most stylish females and males for a chance to win cash and critique the top six contestants to assist the crowd to make the final decision.

The crowd will then decide the winners, who will take home $75,000 each.

At the finals in Kingston on Saturday, November 11, the six winners from the three regional events in the series (Kingston, May Pen and Montego Bay) will go up against the two most stylish found at the finale event at the waterfront, downtown Kingston, in addition to two wild cards from the previous events, chosen by the resident judges.

The 10 finalists vie to be named most stylish male and female and win $250,000 each.

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