FAME-ous Retroactive tunes at JC

October 30, 2017
From left: Tifa, Sheldon Shepherd, Ce'Cile and Evraldo Creary at Friday night's Retroactive party, held at Jamaica College, Old Hope Road, St Andrew.
This lady is lost in the retroactive music.
It is hand clapping Diwali time at Jamaica College, Old Hope Road, on Friday night during FAME's Retroactive party.
The plane gets its signal, as Elephant Man requested.
Some of the party people who attended FAME's Retroactive event at the Karl Hendrickson Auditorium, Jamaica College, Old Hope Road, St Andrew, on Friday night.
Arif Cooper at the controls.

On a rainy Friday night into Saturday morning, an indoor event was the way to go. And, once the soggy parking lot conditions had been navigated by car tyre, sneaker or high-heeled bootie, there was solid footing inside the Karl Hendrickson Auditorium, Jamaica College, to facilitate dancing to FAME FM’s Retroactive party.

With its Retroactive Wednesdays a staple on radio and two of its finest and most experienced who straddle the airwaves and party circuit in Collin Hines and Arif Cooper, at the controls, the scene should have been set for a whale of a dancing time. However, even after 1 a.m. the audience on four sides of the party area, around a raised selector’s stage in the middle of the floor, were not enough to force some really close to those playing the music.

Party experience

This lack of bodies resulted in a Retroactive party experience less than what it could have been, although there were moments ­ notably with Elephant Man’s dancing songs where feet swung in unison, arms waved off the plane, and lines of persons advanced down the flank as instructed. Pals played hand games to the Diwali riddim.

With Cooper and Hines alternating, disco also had its good moments, Rockin Robin included, two barefooted lasses literally going Footloose as they also swung their hair ­ theirs by birth or purchase ­ around.

But there were downtimes as well, the audience moving to the earliest part of the rockers segment which featured Sizzla heavily, but cooling down appreciably as it continued. Although Shabba’s Caan Dun and other guaranteed rub-up tunes were played, only a few ­ such as Johnny P’s Bike Back ­ really got the ladies going. This made the bird’s view from the VIP section, set up upstairs with white sofas, fall short of the expected mass simulated grinding.

Tony Rebel’s If Jah is Standing By My Side proved to be a benediction of sorts as shortly after, at 2:30 a.m., Cooper called it a night and wished all safe travel.



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