Patrons wait out rain at KGN 5 anniversary

October 30, 2017
It's all about the sparking bottles at the KGN 5 third anniversary.
KGN 5 promoter Kareem Big Dreams (left) and model, Chynnnaa.
From left: Natalee Fennell, Davia Allen, Delisha Wright, and Danielle Allen came out to play at KGN 5.
Rashada Lee (left) and Abbigayle Codling decided to add a hint of Halloween to their outfits.
The rain could not stop (from left):DeNien Saunders, Reesha Gordon, and Lamouy Wright from making it to KGN 5's third anniversary.

On Saturday KGN 5 celebrated its third anniversary under the theme Los Blancos (The Whites), encouraging an all-white dress code.

At 11 p.m., patrons were securing parking spaces in and around the St Lucia Avenue car park, New Kingston, in an effort to make the 'free before 12 a.m.' admission deal.

A hint of cloudiness and a slight drizzle were hardly of any concern to the promoters or the stylishly dressed men and women clad in all-white, body-hugging outfits and trendy footwear. However, within a few minutes, the rain began to pour and all sought shelter. Some persons came prepared with umbrellas, while others took cover outside neighbouring buildings and in their cars.

The disc jockeys kept energy at a high, playing dancehall of the '90s and early 2000s, including Elephant Man's dancing tunes Thunderclap and Pon De River, as well as Chakka Chakka by Beenie Man.

As soon as the sky cleared, patrons returned slowly but surely to get a table and space front stage and centre. KGN 5's Los Blancos uptown street dance, which originally should have started at 10 pm. finally kicked off at approximately 1 a.m. Unlike most street dances which are known to carry on until the sun rises, KGN 5 did not, but still got extended time due to the unexpected changes in weather.

One of the promoters, Kareem Big Dreams, said "It ended prematurely at 4 a.m., but we are grateful for the support. Despite it raining before and during the party, the patrons stuck out and decided they weren't leaving."

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