Sizzla blazed hot fire at Pan finals

October 31, 2017
Romain Virgo
Agent Sasco
Romain Virgo
Teflon was called upon to grace the stage as the CB Pan finals. Here he performs with Christopher Martin.
Chris Martin at Sunday's CB PAN 2017 at the Half Way Tree Transport Centre.

He has become well known for controversial statements and 'blazing fire' on perceived wrongdoings.

And to say Sizzla Kalonji was on fire at the CB PAN finals on Sunday night would be an understatement. The artiste had guests glued to his set from start to finish as he 'burned the fire red-hot' against rapists, paedophiles and white supremacy. Not even Buckingham Palace, the Queen's residence, was spared his wrath as he lashed out against the slave masters, who, in his reasoning, used black people for their selfish gain.

Preaching messages of reparation, much to the delight of the crowd, Sizzla urged black people to never forget their contributions to the world. With songs like Rise to the Occasion and Ain't Gonna See Us Fall, the singer encouraged black people to continue fighting until those who have wronged them make amends.

As for the paedophiles and rapists, Sizzla encouraged the audience to rat them out to the gangsters. The audience seemed to be in agreement, as they cheered him on with loud screams and applause.

Sizzla was no doubt the crowd's entertainer of the evening but before him, Christopher Martin, Agent Sasco and Kevin Downswell put in great performances, the latter being a surprise act. D Major, Romain Virgo and Teflon were called upon to grace the stage as the CB PAN finals delivered on another year of food, fun and quality entertainment.

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