Curvy Diva gets praises for 'Lifestyle' video

November 03, 2017
Yanique 'Curvy Diva' Barrett

After waiting approximately eight months for the release of the official visuals, the music video for Yanique Curvy Diva's song, 'Lifestyle', has been released, and it has been receiving rave reviews from fans for its high quality.

The music video, released earlier this week on the Curvy Diva's VEVO platform, has already received close to 10,000 views. Having pledged some weeks before the video was officially released to spare no costs on its production, Zum of Good Good Productions said his team did just that.

"Jamaican artistes are already as talented as any overseas act, so the visual content also has to be of that same calibre," Zum said.

"With the Curvy Diva, we had to go all out because the world is watching her, and she is representing the best of what Jamaican talent has to offer."

"I think the overall sentiment in the video is just to enjoy your life," Yanique said, pointing out that she was more than satisfied with the finished product.

"No matter if your lifestyle is driving Lamborghinis and shopping at Gucci, or if it's parting at the gully side with your crew, just enjoy it. Scenes from the Lifestyle video were shot in Atlanta, Georgia, Montego Bay, as well as Standpipe in Kingston. The video shows the Curvy Diva enjoying the finer things in life, shopping and driving expensive cars. The visuals were shot by HD Genesis Films from Atlanta and directed by HD alongside BlingBlang from Jamaica.

The entertainer, who is fresh to the music scene having made the transition from TV host to artiste earlier this year, hopes to gain more international attention. She has so far secured a collaboration with Kymani Marley for a rendition of the popular Turn Your Lights Down Low track. She is also putting finishing touches on her project with I-Octane for his album to be released in January.

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