Tiger roars again at tribute concert

November 07, 2017
Veteran deejay Tiger (second left) receives his trophy for his years of contribution to Jamaican music while surrounded by loved ones.
Still the showman, deejay Tiger 'buss a pose' at the tribute concert.

It was probably not the turnout they were hoping for, but promoters of the Tribute to Tiger concert were grateful for those who did turn up to pay homage to a man they referred to as legendary.

The event was held at the popular Olympia Crown Hotel, aka 'Hotel Celeb', on Saturday night, and was attended by family and close friends of the entertainer.

Things got under way at about minutes to midnight as the selectors got the patrons ready for an evening of good, clean fun.

Vintage songs were the order of the night as the opening selector, DJ Chromaz, warmed things up with some old-school dancehall selections.

Patrons were pleased with the musical juggling and showed their approval by firing blanks into the air or by coupling up on the dance floor at intervals. Chromaz did well to set the tone before making way for Hotta Ball.




Before beginning his set, he took the time to pay his respects to Tiger. Pointing out that he grew up on Tiger's music, Hotta Ball called Tiger one of the best artistes to come out of Jamaica and thanked the promoters for seeing it fit to recognise the deejay while he was alive to appreciate it.

Surrounded by those closest to him, Tiger was presented with a trophy, an award for his years of contribution to the music industry.

Pointing out that "it's nice to be important, but more important to be nice", an overwhelmed Tiger took the microphone and proceeded to thank everyone for taking the time to recognise him.

The deejay then encouraged patrons to continue showing appreciation for the music, before proceeding to thrill them with a performance.

Although he could not manoeuvre the stage like he used to in his prime, Tiger still managed to captivate the small crowd. His humour-laced songs were definitely crowd-pleasing.

Smiling the entire time, the audience sang along to hits like Puppy Love, Me Name Tiger, When, Nuh Wanga Gut and Bam Bam.

Other entertainers took to the stage following Tiger's performance. Among them were his children, Tiger Cub and Rhiality.

They took to the stage following their solo stints to perform with their father. Tiger's nephew, Inamik, Empress Nana, Obie Ranks, Genuine Blade and Wayne Head were among the other performers.

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