Patron drops tent at BRT

November 08, 2017
BRT Weekend All-White Affair
Ian Allen/Photographer BRT Weekend All White Affair

While many patrons opt to purchase VIP armbands to party at events, Lamar Sanker says he is his own Me-IP.

Travelling with his tent, chair, towel and blender and blow-up-bed, Sankar certainly stood out that the BRT All-White event in Florida on the weekend.

While patrons scampered to find shelter from the rain, some were left staring in awe at Sanker, who was lounging in his tent and sipping his blended juice from a hollowed-out pineapple.

"I like to be comfortable when I come to events. I like my space," he told THE STAR.

Questioned as to whether it was a hassle to get into the venue with these items, he informed THE STAR that he knows the promoters so they have no problem with it.

For Sanker, standing day after day and night after night at all six BRT events is no way to enjoy himself.

"I'm comfortable in my tent, I'm having fun. It's great," he said.

Sanker, who hails from Washington, DC, stated that he also keeps a tent with the necessities in Jamaica for events such as Dream Weekend and Carnival.

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