Pamputtae, QQ ponder reality TV show

November 09, 2017

What may have started out as a spontaneous skit for their followers may very well turn into something bigger for entertainers Pamputtae and QQ.

Since a short skit of them went viral on Instagram just over two weeks ago, the duo has been receiving a lot of love from surprised fans who believe their natural chemistry on camera could translate into a web series or a reality TV show. The latter is something both artistes are now seriously considering after receiving several promising calls from persons interested in turning that idea into a reality.

"We already getting calls from people say we need fi turn it into a reality show. If it a work, and a sup'm weh come to both a we naturally, of course we can make it into something bigger," Pamputtae told THE STAR.

"If we get help wid sponsors and stuff like that and everything fall into place wid video man and all these things, we woulda love fi make it happen cause a nuh normal love we a get from dis. The people have been showing us crazy love. Dem say dem wah fi see some faces in dancehall weh dem nuh see long time start to do some new things."

Pointing out that acting was her first love, the deejay said that she never expected a one-off skit to do so well in such a short time.

"Acting a me first love before even music. A it me love when me a go school and a just sup'm weh come naturally. QQ, naturally talented with this acting thing too, enuh. We nuh write nothing. We just get an idea and just do it," she said.




"We never plan dis, it just happen. Di people dem love it so much, that dem a bawl fi it and can't wait fi we do a next part. Right now, we deh part six and dem can't wait fi di next one. Me surprised how bad dem want it."

Reiterating all that Pamputtae said, QQ added that he believes the pair can translate the Instagram skit into something bigger. But he said that while they sift through the number of persons interested in helping them put plans into action, they will continue giving their fans joy through the one-minute skits on Instagram.

"We've gotten so many calls from so many people willing to work with us, so we can do this thing professionally. It's something that we're talking about and looking into. But at the same time, we want to ensure that whatever we do, the people enjoy it," he said.

"When you have something that's short and spicy and people love it, yuh haffi be careful that you don't overdo it. We just wah give people joy and something fi smile about. That's why we continue this thing for so long. If it have the potential fi get bigger, we are not going to deny ourselves that, but making people laugh is most important to us so we a go continue the Instagram videos for now."

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