Jamaica Carnival jumps with Hard Wine

November 10, 2017
Patrons enjoy the music at Hard Wine at Mas Camp.
Entertainers Razor B and Stacious were out at Hard Wine.
A section of the crowd at Hard Wine.
Getting on bad!


In anticipation of the road march of the 2018 carnival season, Byron Lee's Jamaica Carnival took to the streets last Friday with high vibes, energy and excitement.

Completely enveloping Kurt Riley's Hard Wine event at the Mas Camp, the carnival team was out in full force infusing revelry and fanfare.

Julianne Lee, president of Jamaica Carnival, said the team wanted to engage the crowd as much as possible.

"What we set out to do was achieved. We wanted the public to know that we are back and will be back on the road from now till Carnival Sunday," she said. "We will be touching very nook and cranny of Jamaica because this carnival is everyone's carnival! We have adopted the theme of 'Royalty' for the season, and you will see that carried through even to our costumes."

Byron Lee's brainchild, Jamaican Carnival, made its official return last year on Carnival Sunday,

April 23, with a rebranded, repackaged and re-energised brand.

Brand Jamaica Carnival is all about uniting everyone regardless of race, colour or creed through the use of the universal language, music.

These are the highlights from Hard Wine.

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