T-Drive seeks to create change

November 10, 2017

T-Drive pays homage to the motherland with his latest single titled Mama Africa.

The lyrics are intended to bring across a powerful message of change.

“Wherever I go to perform it, people love it and I have to do it more than once. What makes the song different is the powerful message that people can relate to,” T-Drive said.

Born Trevor Hewitt, T-Drive started his musical journey as a singer by performing mainly at school concerts. He started writing his own songs and with encouragement from his peers, he kept going with the intention of pursuing the art professionally.

He recorded his first professional song at age 17, a track entitled My Blessing Will Come.

The Trelawny-born singer has gained recognition for other songs such as Africa Rise and Friends.

He said he wanted artistes to stop using the media to create strife against each other.

"Our youths are looking up to us as role models so they will do whatever it is we are doing. I'd like to hear DJs playing more cultural music in Jamaica because it will leave a better impact on our youths to uplift themselves,” he said.

T-Drive has plans to release music videos for Mama Africa and another single, Ole Time Friends.

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