Dancehall in mourning - Unycorn was avoiding war-torn Waltham

November 15, 2017
Macka Diamond and Unycorn during an interview with The STAR at the Gleaner's North Street office in 2016.

Slain dancehall artiste Unycorn was concerned about venturing into certain communities, fellow entertainer Macka Diamond said.

"I'm still in denial and shock. I just spoke to him about True Blue's death and he told me he was staying away from certain areas," she said.

"He was saying that to how the area dem a run, a pure war and him nah go some places. Him never say him scared but to me, him did sound like him scared, so me frighten when me hear weh him dead."

Unycorn, whose given name is Donovan McMurray, was found lying in a pool of blood on Bowens Road, Waltham Park Road, Kingston 13, on Sunday. Reports are that he was shot dead by unknown assailants shortly after 5 p.m. He sustained gunshot wounds to his upper body.

True Blue, a music producer, was shot and killed by gunmen along Maxfield Avenue in St Andrew in late October.

When quizzed about whether Unycorn may have been involved in any wrongdoing, Macka Diamond dismissed the idea, stating that she believes his death was a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

"According to weh me hear from him family, a town him a come from and decide fi go link him family, because a round deh so him come from, and things just happen," she said. "Him never sound like him mix up inna nothing, a just wrong place at di wrong time. Dem area deh is like once things a gwaan, the place just wicked."




Macka Diamond surmised that if the deejay had followed his initial instincts, maybe he would still be alive. Instead, his death has left her and many others in the industry confused. She said that despite the circumstances surrounding his death, she wants Jamaica to remember Unycorn for who he was as an artiste.

"He was very creative. Like when me used to talk some things, him use to turn them into lyrics for songs. Him always excited fi write," she said. "Him is a man weh anything him say him a go do him stick to it, and him did take music serious. If you never take music serious you couldn't work wid him, and das what I liked about him. Once him do supmn, it a go come out good and you can expect it fi hit."

Unycorn and Macka diamond worked on songs such as Think Bout Me, Cow Foot and Hoola Hoop. Macka Diamond said that up until the time of his death, Unycorn was still doing music, as he was getting ready to release some new material.

"He was just telling me that he was going to start promoting a brand new song. A lot of radio people call me and say dem just spoke to him about that song too, so he was still doing his music."

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