God will provide - Tommy Cowan admires Marion Hall's decision to perform for free

November 15, 2017
Minister Marion Hall
Marion Hall
Tommy Cowan

A decision by Minister Marion Hall not to charge a fee for delivering the word of God has left many puzzled as to how the singer will survive.

On Sunday, Hall announced via Facebook that she will pay her bills, feed the poor and needy, take care of her family, pay to make her albums, and all the other things that cost money, by the grace of God.

"I don't have a price for my service. Salvation is free. Even though my albums cost a lot of money to produce, I will give some people what they want, by not charging anything," a portion of the post read. "We all know everyday living cost money, but, God will see me through. He shall supply all my needs according to his riches and glory in Jesus Christ."




Her revelation has been met with mixed reactions by social media users. Some supported her decision stating that the Lord will lead her to persons who do not have a problem paying her what she's worth as a minister of the gospel. Others, however, urged Hall to rethink her decision, pointing out that she may have been acting on emotions and 'not thinking straight'.

While the discussions continue on social media, at least one member of the gospel fraternity has come out to say he admires Hall's bold move.

Tommy Cowan, CEO of Glory Music and conceptualiser of the gospel concert Fun in the Son, told THE STAR that he understands exactly what Hall is going through.

The gospel music veteran said that if Hall is being led by the Holy Spirit in her decision, she has nothing to worry about. Pointing out that when he started his Fun in the Son concert, he was charging an admission fee, Cowan said he took a leap of faith and stood on the promises of God when he decided to make it a free event. He said that the Lord has been paying all his bills ever since, and revealed that he still gets calls from people asking how he manages to pull it off each year without charging patrons a dime.

"God will provide all her needs according to His riches. You see that word 'according', it means that God, in providing, has no limit. We (Christians) walk not according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit. You can't judge and say that she is wrong (in her decision). If she is walking in obedience to what God said, he's going to bless her," Cowan said.




"I also think she was misunderstood somewhat. I don't think she was saying she's going to do every show for free. I think she is just saying that she is discontented with how people want to treat her, and therefore she would have to rely on the Holy Spirit to direct her when to and when not to do an event."

Cowan went on to say he wishes Hall all the best in her endeavours and advises persons to watch the Lord work.

"Each person has to face God for themselves. God is an amazing God. The Bible says 'Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all His righteousness and all things shall be added unto you'."

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