Film to break silence at JWNF fundraiser

November 16, 2017

The spiralling backlash against very prominent people in the United States has been cited as what could happen when abused persons and those in the know speak of the offence.

This position was forwarded by Jamaican film writer Janet Morrison, whose short movie, Silent Hearts, is one of two that will be screened at this evening's inaugural J. Wray and Nephew Foundation (JWNF) fundraiser. The other film is Shoot The Girl, which is also written by a Jamaican, Tony Hendricks.

The event, titled Expressions through Art Protecting OUR Children aims at showcasing Jamaica's film industry and bringing awareness to and raising funds to implement intervention programmes to tackle violence against children, given escalating levels of child molestation, abductions, physical abuse and murder in the society.

Morrison is calling for Jamaicans to 'break the silence'.

"We are complicit by our silence," she said. "Look at what is happening in the US today. Abusers in high places are getting their 'comeuppance' because of a few brave souls."




Some of the famous Hollywood stars who have been accused of sexual misconduct are Harvey Weinstein, Ed Westwick, Ben Affleck, Dustin Hoffman, Steven Seagal, Kevin Spacey, Louis CK, David Blaine, and politician Roy Moore. Some have owned up to the accusations, others have not.

Weinstein, for instance, has since seen his name removed from a host of organisations that had showered him with numerous accolades for his works in the industry.

Silent Hearts is about the abduction of a schoolgirl in a rural Jamaica town. The film explores the thought processes of two witnesses as the crime happens and the consequences of their actions, or lack thereof. It was written and directed by Morrison, and was also featured as one of the top five Jamaica Film and Television Association (JAFTA) Propella 2016 finalists.

The $7,000-a-ticket fundraiser will feature cocktails, a panel discussion at the end of each film, plus a silent auction of JWN's premium rums that are no longer available in the market. Leading the list is this year's limited-time offer JOY, and also included are the very rare Masterblender's Legacy and the Appleton Estate 250-year-old Rums.

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