Jamrock cruise - What has your experience on the cruise been like so far?

November 16, 2017
The Independence of the Seas, the host ship for the 2017 Welcome to Jamrock Reggae Cruise.
Danielle Chance from New Jersey
Sashad Williams from Florida
Pattie Walls from California (on cruise with husband)
Morris Wesley
Ralph Reynolds from Kingston but lives in Delaware
Dionne Gabbidon from New Jersey

The 2017 Jamrock Reggae Cruise is on in earnest, and patrons have boarded the ship for this, its fourth voyage. This year's cruise, which began on November 13, sees the Royal Caribbean's Independence of the Sea setting sail out of Ft Lauderdale to Montego Bay and Ocho Rios on a five-night cruise. The STAR spoke with several of the patrons who are soaking up the excitement in the warm waters of the Caribbean.

Kaleo Beatty, Hawaii

"It has been everything I pictured and more. It's full of reggae, fun and it's all about love. This is my first time and I'm really enjoying it. The country (Jamaica) drew me to the cruise.

Morris Wesley, Florida

"It's been absolutely amazing so far, two thumbs up. I was here last year, and I had a great time and this year has been so good. I'm already hoping to come back next year. I didn't come to see anyone specific just came to hang out and chill because there's a vibe on this ship that's just intoxicating.

Sashad Williams, Florida

"This is my second year and what I appreciate most is they always try to get new artistes for the show so you're not seeing the same faces every time. I come for the talent so I like to see the new faces and experience their vibe and their drive.

Ralph Reynolds from Kingston but lives in Delaware now

"Its been great! I had high expectations and the past few days have far surpassed them. This is my first Jamrock cruise. A couple of friends who've been here before recommended it and said I'd have a great time. We've been wanting to come for two years but because of previous plans we never got the chance to. This year we scheduled it in and said we definitely have to be here.

Danielle Chance, New Jersey

"Its been a lot of excitement. No sleeping, definitely because there's so much to do and so much happening that if you sleep you miss something. This is my first time on a cruise, period. But I chose this one to be my first because I know someone who's been on it and they've told me what a great time it is so I had to come see for myself.

Dionne Gabbidon, New Jersey

"It's been great, everyone's been so friendly and I just love the vibe of the reggae music and the culture. There's nothing like the Jamaican culture, it's kinda hard to put into words. I've been to many islands and there is nowhere sweeter than Jamaica and jus being around the people that come with the culture.

Pattie Walls, California:

"We've cruised since 1991 and this is our second tour with WTJR, we came last year, this is our second and we're going to book our third. It's a different vibe. It's harmony among the staff, the crew, the guests, the celebrities. It's peace and I just enjoy coming through to relax and enjoy everyone's company. I'm sure the music has something to do with the overall experience but for me, it's the people and getting to interact with new folk everyday.

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