Spice dismisses Stylez

November 16, 2017
Stylez aka Iamstylezmusic

Spice once again wrote her name in the dancehall history books on Friday by becoming the first female artiste to drop three music videos in one day. The entertainer has been relishing the moment, bringing much-needed attention to her dancers. But even as she celebrates this latest accomplishment, a fellow artiste has set out to rain on Spice's parade by alleging that the concepts for two of the three music videos were copied from his original work.

Having caught wind of Spice's videos, entertainer Stylez took to social media to point out the similarities between his work and that of Spice. In a post on his official Instagram page, the entertainer put portions of his music videos side by side with portions of Spice's videos. He also posted a caption calling for recognition as the source of inspiration behind Spice's visuals.

The caption attached to the video collage read: "So a fan just send me dis. And den dem act like dem don't know who me be, when a me inspire dem! Hahaha I know I inspire a lot of you artistes, producers, video directors etc. Just acknowledge the thing ..."

His post garnered some attention as social media users began tagging members of Team Spice as well as the deejay herself in an effort to bring Stylez's accusations to her attention.

Contacted by THE STAR, the straight-talking deejay said she wasn't about to give the situation much attention, stating that "a hype the boy a look".

"I don't even know who that person is," she said. "Don't see how you could inspire my creativity when I've never even heard of you." She went on to say that the videos seemed similar because of the location in which they were filmed, but stressed that she didn't become aware of said location through Stylez's work.




Spice said she decided on the location under scrutiny, after seeing it in one of Konshen's music videos. "I fell in love with that location that was used in Konshens music video and asked where it was," she said. "That's how I got that location so this 'Stylez' person is unknown to me actually. Nah look pan the boy."

While Spice had little time to spend on the situation, one of her dancers, Dancing Rebel, sought to defend her boss' creative energy. She took to Instagram and made a comment under Stylez's original post saying 'Naw try see him. This naw go help him none at all. Everything dem tun inna controversy, zero people still ago know him ... people are so foolish," she wrote.

Efforts to contact Stylez for further comments proved futile. Stylez stunned the local music fraternity back in August when his debut album, Back To My Roots, topped the Billboard Reggae charts. The entry was unexpected and the peak positioning came as a surprise to many as the entertainer is not very popular locally.

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