Xodus to unveil 'League of Angels'

November 16, 2017
Mellissa Johnson (left) and Shanica Nairne fêted their hearts out during last year's road march.
Tosh Alexander enjoying the vibes at Xodus road carnival earlier this year.

One of the newer bands on the block, Xodus, last carnival season proved that it was a force to be reckoned with on the road.

With the 2018 carnival season fast approaching, the much-anticipated band launch will unfold on November 18 at the Pearly Gates, 36 Hope Road, St Andrew, where revellers will witness the unveiling of an amazing plethora of costumes.

The brainchild of Jamaica's biggest entertainment company, Dream Entertainment and YUMA, Xodus has once again partnered with local and regional designers to create amazing carnival costumes for the 2018 season. The theme for the costumes is 'League of Angels', and patrons can expect to experience a slice of heaven.

According to Kamal Bankay, director at Dream Entertainment, "The revellers the Xodus family have given us feedback that the experience on the road for 2017 raised the bar in what we have come to expect in Jamaica for a carnival road parade. For 2018, we will be growing the size of our band and thus maintaining the title of biggest road parade in carnival in Jamaica. We always work to ensure that our patrons leave carnival day saying, 'yes, this journey was all worth it'. From the launch event on Saturday to the costumes, costume redemption, lead-up fÍtes and, most importantly, the road experience will all be 'beyond compare'."

"Our launch day is right around the corner and everyone's questions will be answered. We know that patrons' expectations are high, and I can assure you that they will be met," he continued.

Carnival is the biggest cultural celebration in the region and with the rapid growth of carnival in Jamaica, there have been significant improvements in the size and quality of the product locally. Preliminary estimates from the Government show that in 2017, carnival in Jamaica had an economic impact of more than $500 million on the local economy.

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