Billy Slaughter celebrates birthday at Ribbiz

November 17, 2017
Billy Slaughter

Anyone who knows Jamaican music is fully aware of Stone Love and Billy Slaughter. The Stone Love Movement redefined music in Jamaica, and led to the creation and popularity of many DJs and performers. Acclaimed frontman for the Stone Love Sound, Billy Slaughter, has, for many years, represented the movement and contributed to its growth and reach across the world.

This Sunday, November 19, Slaughter will be celebrating his birthday at the Ribbiz Ultra Lounge, Barbican Centre, East King's House Road, at the facility's customary Sunday event, Big People Sundays. This event is a 80s and 90s themed party, and usually attracts a large gathering of music lovers. In fact, Slaughter has been a guest DJ at the event, and was floored by the support and love he received.

Kamal Bankay, the entertainment curator at the Ribbiz Ultra Lounge, said he is elated that Slaughter chose to celebrate at Ribbiz.

"We are always being very innovative at Ribbiz, but when opportunities like this arise, it allows us to offer our patrons even more offerings. Billy Slaughter is a legend in the music, and celebrating him is a big deal for us," Bankay said.

DJ Courtney will be at the controls for the Appleton-sponsored night which gets under way at 8 p.m.

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