Disloyal friends inspire 'Judas'

November 17, 2017
Fyah Sthar
John Marc Lucid

Recording artiste John-Marc Lucid has teamed with Jamaican reggae artiste Fyah Sthar for the collaborative effort, 'Judas'. The song was produced by Jamaica-based producer Slik Rrymez.

In a media release, John-Marc said the song was inspired by a personal experience.

"My friend was telling me how disturbed he was by a former band member who was disloyal, and he referred to him as Judas. I found it funny, but appropriate. We refer to these shady, disloyal 'friends' as Judas. The song itself was inspired by a couple of incidents, one of which was a longtime close friend, who is also a musical partner, that crossed me and flexed truly disloyal. So, instead of just feeling down about it, I ended up writing my first verse for Judas," John-Marc said.

The Texas-based John-Marc, who describes himself as a singer and a dancehall/reggae artiste, said he met Fyah Sthar at a concert, and they decided to work on the Judas collaboration.

"I met Fyah Sthar while he was videotaping an I-Wayne concert. I'm a director/ cinematographer as well. I saw how he performed as an artiste and was intrigued. A few months later we met again, where we both opened a show for Turbulence. So, soon after I send him the tune Judas and asked him to put a verse on it, and he liked it," John-Marc explained.

John-Marc's other releases include Revolution with Fantan Mojah, Believe It, featuring Turbulence, and Mamacita.

The journey for him hasn't been an easy one. But with the determination to make an impact musically, he feels success is waiting in the wings.

'I've had some up and some down times. Tough times and some real fun times, but overall, it has been therapeutic," he said, noting that he plans to release songs like Give Thanks, My Bonita and Pree Dat.

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