Mr Chumps gets buzz with new song

November 17, 2017
Mr Chumps

Montego Bay-based dancehall artiste Mr Chumps is generating a major buzz with his latest single, A Waan Place, which was released on the Monsta Piece label earlier this year.

"I came up with the idea because everybody, when you ask them their location, dem always says a say, 'mi de a waan place...', then dem get more specific and tell you exactly where dem deh. But is like a slang so I thought it would be a good idea to put it in a song, and it just tek off," he said.

He said that the song is now a fixture at the weekly dances in Montego Bay such as Wuk Fah Thursdays and Exact Mondays.

"The song is now on every mixtape, CD Banging, DJ Kenny, Don Kingston, DJ Dotcom, etc, and the song is huge in Montego Bay. The other day the video go number one on the Street Link charts, and right now, mi can't walk in peace inna MoBay," he said.

The artiste, whose real name is Calvin Clarke, vaulted into the spotlight a few years ago with the songs such as Flattering Lips and Trick Dem & Buss Dem that was produced by Truck Back Records. Since then he has maintained a presence in his native Montego Bay.

Mr Chumps took a hiatus from music, but decided to return last year with a vengeance.

He is currently working with producers such as Netspen Entertainment with whom he recently inked a booking and recording deal. He recently recorded a single called Rules the World for Biggz Million Entertainment, The World is Not Enough for YGF records, and Life for CC Entertainment.

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