Sasanya hits Billboard with 'Zum Zum'

November 17, 2017

Dancehall bombshell Sasanya is pumped up over achieving her first Billboard placement as her breakout single, 'Zum Zum', hit the Billboard Dance Chart at number 46 this week.

"Oh gosh, this is so amazing. The song was remixed on a different beat by my record label, Cottage 9 Records, and re-released. I am so happy that the song is doing so well overseas. I am simply overjoyed. My first Billboard!," Sasanya said.

In the meantime, she is gearing up to shoot a video for her sophomore single, Girlie Girlie, a dancehall-flavoured remake of Sophia George's monster hit which was released by Cottage 9 Records recently.

"The Girlie Girlie song a get good airplay on IRIE, and right now, I am working on the choreography for the video which will be shot at the end of this month. I swear that the song a gwaan. It have a little thing about it because is a remake of Sophia George's huge hit, so people are familiar with it and it is getting radio support," she said.

Meanwhile, Zum Zum also jumped to number one spot on the FIWI Choice top ten charts in October, and is still in a fixture on that chart.

"Last week, Zum Zum was number eight on charts, so it shows the people dem a cheer for it, but the next push will definitely be on the Girlie Girlie song," she said.

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