Clement Gordon sings about 'Problems'

November 21, 2017
Clement Gordon

Clement 'Jahba' Gordon has been a singer-songwriter since the late '60s and is still going strong as he releases his latest single, 'Problems'.

Written by Leroy Brown, the song references the type of people who "nah tek nuh chat" because they already know it all and refuse to listen to anyone else's input.

The song, which was recently released, has been getting rave reviews.

The music veteran has performed in venues across the United States and Canada. He notably kept busy in the late '80s, when he did quite a bit of work with legendary artistes such as Leroy Sibbles, Sugar Minott, Glen Washington, O.C. Roberts and Johnny Osborne.

His love for music started at a very early age. During his school years, he, along with his three friends, tried their hand at forming a band.

Although the band didn't last very long, he kept working towards his musical goals. He is known for his successful hits which include Darling Who and Hold On.

The 'undiluted' lovers rock crooner also took reggae music to Motown in Detroit, Michigan, in 1969.

His journey has taken him far, as he even had the opportunity to serve as an opener for Peter Tosh in the '80s. Today, he is still working hard on his musical career and continuously aiming for higher heights.

Plans are currently under way for the release of the music video for the new track, along with music videos for other upcoming singles.

Problems is getting regular airplay on local radio stations.

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