DV sparks debate with new single

November 21, 2017

After riding high with his single She Gone, dancehall singjay DV continues his musical journey with Beggie Beggie.

Dubbed as another controversial single, DV said he feels the single will open the eyes of listeners.

"All my songs speak reality. I take on issues that people are uncomfortable to speak about, while being entertaining at the same time. My main objective is to ensure that I bring forth music that is so different to the point where persons actually listen," said DV.

Self-produced on his Alphacreed Production record label, alongside Half A Puff, DV explained that creating his own label was a power move.

"Being a young entertainer is hard work and after seeing how difficult it is for new artistes to voice songs for major producers, I decided to create my own label," he said. "This move was to show other young artistes that they have the talent and the power to excel until their big break comes along. I intend to voice for other producers, but signing myself was one of the best things I ever did."

The single, slated to hit digital stores over the weekend through VP Records, has already began to make an impact on social media, with mixed reactions from his female audience.

"It (the song) was created to start debates about the different type of women in society. With the impact I see this song making in the coming months, I may shoot the visuals for it," said DV.

While working on his new single, DV is also in studio gearing up to release a tribute to mothers, titled My Mother, and a motivational track, titled Journey.

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